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New Trends and Ideas that will Dominate Social Media in 2019

Posted by Brew Interactive on Feb 22, 2019 1:37:28 PM

The social media world is continuously varying, fetching new trends, concepts, and guidelines every year. It’s also a fact that in many cases, the fluctuations aren’t swift or unforeseen, but rather slow and regular. Here we are talking about some predictable trends for social media in 2019. Some of these changes have already happened and growing gradually, but not completely hyped yet. Some changes are quite bigger that will be ruling 2019.

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10 Trends and Statistics about Facebook Stories

Posted by Brew Interactive on Jan 10, 2019 9:20:22 PM

Facebook Stories are updates like Snapchat and Instagram that last for 24 hours. This Facebook feature is different from status and don't stick around. Here's some interesting facts and trends you should know:

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